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360 tours by SOLARIS17 Feel the space around you…

Solaris17 offers a solution to provide your Clients with an immersive and vivid experience and opportunity to fully interact visually and emotionally with your end Product, which is 360 degree 3D panoramic virtual tours. 360 virtual tours is a great instrument to test the Market with your visualized product before the planned release, making it an efficient and advanced marketing tool.

360 virtual tours are especially relevant today, as social distancing is becoming a necessity today. Everyone needs to acquire effective tools for interacting with a customer remotely and 360 tour solution becomes the most appropriate marketing tool for the design and architecture industry today.

Let's consider a situation when a person is going to buy an apartment in a newly built development and the access to the facility is restricted at the moment. What would be the potential buyer’s main concern?

First of all, it would be what he is able to see around him being in this space and 360 view/tour would provide a complete picture of the environment and the future design.

We keep repeating: a route to clients’ hearts is through their eyes. Here is a sample of a simple static visualizations you can get acquainted with a production process of here:

But these static images may be lacking something. They simply do not represent the real scene fully and position of a person in a space. There is no motion and visual interaction inside the picture.

In addition, if the house has just been built and there is no decoration inside, this is an opportunity to make the final interior with a professional’s designer help just the way a client wants it.

And to immerse into a final result in the virtual space.

A designer, together with the Solaris17 team, will be able to design the entire space virtually and provide clients with all the necessary static views that cover various angles (, and it will create the impression of what the future dream apartment will be.

However, we assure you, if you give clients the opportunity to virtually walk around their future apartment, using the example of our project (, this will enable them to connect emotionally to their future home which is certainly the aim of our effort, to create a solid tie to the product that is designed specifically for them.

There are several ways to view 360 renders with:

A smartphone

VR goggles

A browser on a PC

The easiest option is a browser of your choice. In this case, you have the ability to rotate the image by clicking the mouse, viewing and zooming in on the 360 view space. In an instance one would get a proper understanding of a space around them. 360 view is much more informative than a static render:

If you view a 360 render on your smartphone, then it is automatically relates to the positioning of the device in space and just panning or tilting the phone whichever direction you like will allow you to view the space you wish to see on the 360 ​​image:

Though the most impressive and immersive way to view the 360 image is by using a VR goggles or helmet.

This method gives full immersion in the project, you find yourself inside the space. And all what is required to achieve this is just a smartphone and the VR goggles which usually cost less than £30

Also, 360 rendering allows quite a bit of room for creativity, which has a very positive effect on marketing. Any innovative look catches people’s eye and helps to focus clients’ attention on the project.

Here are some the angles you can get using a 360 render:

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