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Solaris - is a name of Latin origin and means Of The Sun. All visible objects around us are the Synergy of Matter and Light.

The most powerful source of Light in our solar system is The Sun. Its light refraction makes our World visible.
When we create an image, we mainly work with Light.

Light equals Life and we feel privileged we have the talent to work with It.

Solaris17 - is our mission to transform smart ideas into true quality visual content.
We are a group of Experts in CGI with degrees in Architecture and Design, providing businesses with Architectural Visualisation. 

Our Clients are Architects, Designers, Furniture makers, Property Developers and Constructions, Marketing and Advertising, Estate Agents.

Our Vision - Imagination powered by Technology serves People and gives us an opportunity to make our

World a better place.

Contact us on
Tel.: +44 (0) 1442 781 003


Kate Skorichenko

Artem Arseni

Sergei Arseni

Aleksey Vepryk

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